Secure & Memorable Password Generator

Are the generated 4-word passwords strong?

Most 4-word passwords generated from with this tool are MORE secure than 8-character (alphanumeric + common punctuations) passwords. Of course, the longer the password, the better.

Why did I see several passwords flashing quickly on my screen after clicking the generate ( ) button?

After generating a password, the tool determines its complexity/strength rating to determine if it is safe for use. If the algorithm deems the password to NOT be strong enough, a new password will be generated. This process will repeat until a strong enough password has been found.

Is this tool safe to use?

The passwords are generated in your browser and are never transmitted to any server, including ours.

How did you check if a password has been exposed in data breaches?

We utilize a service called have i been pwned? to check if a particular password has been previously exposed in data breaches.

Your password is NEVER SENT to any server, including theirs (and ours). We perform the check by downloading a list of breached passwords and having your web browser compare your password against the list.

The actual comparison process takes place in your web browser (never in any server). There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY for them (or us) to know what password you have chosen.

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